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Jeremy Meyer, August 12, 2021

Losing 7% Body Fat without Losing Muscle

When Michael came to see us at RAW, he knew he wasn’t looking after himself properly. Working as an executive in the finance industry, Michael was working more than 12-hour days under the constant pressure of multiple large projects. He

Jeremy Meyer, July 28, 2021

The Importance of Weight Training for Adults of All Ages

Physical activity for Older Adults is important as they are at greater risk of a range of chronic health conditions and serious injuries that they never needed to consider earlier in life. But every adult can reduce their risks with

Jeremy Meyer, July 12, 2021

Alexandra Transforms Her Figure & Lifestyle | RAW Personal Training

Weight Lifting for Women Alexandra was born in Russia but grew up and was educated in the UK. She made a move to Hong Kong 1.5 years ago, knowing no one. During the two-year period before moving to Hong Kong,

Jeremy Meyer, May 13, 2021

How to remain strong, lean and healthy after 40

Jeremy Meyer: Raw Personal Training's owner tells us how to remain Healthy after 40. Getting older is inevitable. But it is not difficult to remain healthy after 40. Just because your age is going up doesn’t mean your weight and

Jeremy Meyer, April 26, 2021

At 51 Rob lost 12% body fat, Fixing Chronic Back Pain in four months.

Fixing Chronic Back Pain with Strength Training Rob has suffered from chronic back pain for most of his adult life and had never been in a gym or done weight lifting or strength training. He came to RAW as we

Jeremy Meyer, March 11, 2021

Best Personal Trainers in Hong Kong help Kate prepare for her first Ultramarathon trail race

Kate is a 36-year-old New Zealander and mother of two who has been living in Hong Kong for eight years. She had entered a few short trail running races in the past and considered herself a casual runner. She decided

Jeremy Meyer, February 21, 2021

Personal Training for Beginners – Tavis loses 10% body fat in 6 months!

Tavis came to Real Athletic Workouts (RAW) personal training in Hong Kong as a complete beginner. He had zero strength and conditioning experience. He grew up playing basketball casually but had never played at a competitive level. He had never

Jeremy Meyer, October 12, 2020

Best Personal Trainer in Hong Kong, Jeremy Meyer, owner of RAW, helps Chris lose 8% body fat in 10 weeks and keep it off.

Chris suffered from chronic back pain for many months.  This was due to a combination of poor training technique, structural imbalance and not enough variety in his strength and conditioning routines.  These issues prevented him from reaching his full potential

Jeremy Meyer, July 9, 2020

Beginner Weight Lifting Program for the over 40’s using the RAW approach

If you have little experience with weight training, are over forty years old, trying to lose fat, build muscle and strength can be daunting. At RAW we have over a decade of experience at creating safe and effective personal training

Jeremy Meyer, June 5, 2020

Proven Personal Training Programs to get you Leaner Quickly and Safely

Proven Personal Training Programs At RAW Personal Training, as part of our proven Personal Training Programs, we use Strength Training for clients seeking weight loss and fat loss. In 2020 most of our clients have been working from home due

Jeremy Meyer, March 26, 2020

Improve your Immune System and Build Resistance to Disease with Strength Training

Improve your Immune System The world is going through difficult and uncertain times. The coronavirus is spreading fast, and many people feel anxious. In today’s world, there is a large amount of information available on the internet. People who do

Jeremy Meyer, February 24, 2020

Women Seeking Fat Loss in a Short Period Benefit from Strength Training

Personal Trainers for Women Around 90% of our Women clients come to RAW seeking Fat Loss and to tone up in a few weeks. The most common reasons are that they want to look leaner for a wedding, an upcoming

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