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Improve your Immune System and Build Resistance to Disease with Strength Training

Improve your Immune System

The world is going through difficult and uncertain times. The coronavirus is spreading fast, and many people feel anxious. In today’s world, there is a large amount of information available on the internet.

People who do their research without checking the validity of the source can create fear and panic. According to the latest numbers, scientists are finding that the virus is highly contagious. That is the bad news. The good news is that the mortality rate appears to be only slightly higher than the common flu.

So if you Improve your Immune System you improve your chances of full recovery.

According to the study below, the mortality rate varies from 0.2% to 3.6% depending on the age group (0.2% for 10-19 years of age and 3.6% for 60-69 years of age) – refer to Table 1.

Table 1: Covid-19 Fatality rate by age

AGE DEATH RATE all cases
80+ years old 14.8%
70-79 years old 8.0%
60-69 years old 3.6%
50-59 years old 1.3%
40-49 years old 0.4%
30-39 years old 0.2%
20-29 years old 0.2%
10-19 years old 0.2%
0-9 years old no fatalities

Source: Worldometer Covid-19 Fatality rate by age

However, according to the same research, the mortality rate goes up drastically in the presence of pre-existing conditions. Refer to Table 2 below:

Table 2: Covid-19 Fatality rate by comorbidity

Cardiovascular disease 10.5%
Diabetes 7.3%
Chronic respiratory disease 6.3%
Hypertension 6.0%
Cancer 5.6%
no pre-existing conditions 0.9%

Source: Same as Table 1 above.

Improve your Immune System to Live a Longer Life

It has been scientifically proven that performing consistent and regular strength training, cardiovascular exercise as well as following a nutrition plan designed specifically and individually for your needs and goals can significantly improve your Immune System and minimise the chance of people getting the pre-existing conditions mentioned in Table 2 (i.e. cancer, hypertension, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes and cardiovascular disease)

The finding applies whether you are a beginner, elite or advanced trainee regarding strength training and cardiovascular training.

Here are explanations on how regular cardiovascular exercise, strength training and implementing dietary changes can drastically reduce the possibility of getting these pre-existing conditions, and therefore increase your chances of surviving the coronavirus outbreak.
According to a 2019 study published in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, strength training practised weekly will reduce your chances of suffering from a heart attack or stroke by 40% to 70%.

Type II diabetes is becoming highly prevalent in today’s society. Daily overconsumption of calories combined with physical inactivity can lead to obesity. Once fat cells are saturated, and the overconsumption of calories continues, this leads to type II diabetes or high circulating blood sugar.

According to another NCIB study, regular and consistent resistance training will positively impact blood sugar balance. Strength training builds muscles mass. Muscles mainly use sugar for fuel. Carrying more muscle mass improves blood sugar management and therefore reduces the chance of getting Type II diabetes.

Chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs) are diseases of the airways and other structures of the lung. Some of the most common CRDs include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, occupational lung diseases and pulmonary hypertension.

Clients who suffer from CRDs have a low capacity to do work. Workouts have to be carefully designed to produce increased capacity without overstressing their respiratory systems.

ATS Journal Studies have found that people who suffer from CRDs can significantly benefit from exercise and strength training. It will enhance their lung capacity, peripheral muscle function and work capacity. This will lead to more significant improvement in well-being, energy level and the ability to fight off disease.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is the number one cause of death in the USA. It is referred to as a “Silent Killer”. Having Hypertension also damages one’s immune system, which reduces their ability to fight off diseases.

According to a collection of AHA studies, approximately four weeks of appropriately designed regular strength training will significantly lower one’s blood pressure.

According to the National Cancer Society, there is strong evidence that a higher level of physical activity is linked to lower risk of cancers, improvement in blood sugar management, reduced inflammation, improvement in immune system function, and an increase in the digestive tract’s efficiency.

To obtain these benefits, one must perform 75-100 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise and strength training at least two times per week at the required intensity and using major muscle groups.

Studio Hygiene

RAW personal training has been in business for over 11 years, located in Central Hong Kong, just a short walking distance from the central-mid level escalator. We provide One-on-One Personal Training and nutritional advice for beginners, intermediate or elite athletes. We also offer online Personal Training programs for clients who regularly travel, are at home for quarantine or live overseas.

Our studio is disinfected and cleaned three times per day, and we wipe our equipment and exercise benches after every single use.

As we do not offer memberships, sessions are one-on-one with a trainer and by appointment only.  This means our gym studio is never crowded, and your session is performed in a semi-private setting.

The maximum number of clients and personal trainers in the gym simultaneously is 10, five clients and five trainers.

We provide sanitising hand gel to our staff and clients and encourage them to use it as often as possible. Because we have 22,000 square feet of space, we can practice social distancing.

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RAW Personal Training in Central Hong Kong is a safe, clean environment for you to improve your health and improve your immune System via Strength Training.

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