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Hong Kong Raw Personal training client’s 3 Months Fat Loss Transformation | RAW Personal Training

This client was looking for a Fat Loss Transformationsfor as she wanted to fit into her wedding dress.  She had 3 months to transform her body.

Her main goals were:

  • Lose 10% body fat in 12 weeks
  • Improve muscle tone and muscle definition
  • Lose centimeters around her hips and waist

After 12 weeks of fat loss for females specific training in our Hong Kong facility, she achieved the following results:

  • Loss of 7kg of fat mass
  • Lost 6kg of body weight
  • Lost 9cm around the waist
  • Lost 10 cm around the hips
  • Gained 1kg of muscle mass

The beginning of our client’s journey:

When she first came to RAW personal training in Hong Kong, she had no experience with strength training. She was worried about bulking up, getting injured or gaining weight.

She sought the help of a personal trainer in Hong Kong as she wanted guidance, accountability and results. After taking her through our initial assessment, we found that her weak areas were her lower back muscles and scapulae retractors. This led her to having poor posture and some upper shoulder and neck pain. There was also a slight discrepancy in strength between her left and right leg.[/text_output][text_output]

The initial phase of her female fat loss focused transformation in Hong Kong was based on the following:

1) Teach efficient movement and correct her posture, weak areas and strength discrepancies.

This would keep her injury and pain free during the later and more intense phases of her body transformation.

2) Focus on strengthening the stabilizing muscles for each major joint

Those are often ignored, which leads to pain, injuries and faulty movement patterns.

3) Improve mobility and active range of motion.

Although she had done years of yoga and had adequate static flexibility, she lacked strength and muscle control at specific points in the range of motion for basic movements.[/text_output][text_output]She had attempted to lose weight using different diets, such as the ketogenic diet and extremely low calorie diets. She was able to lose weight in the short term but felt constantly deprived and drained. She thought that in order to lose fat she had to starve and deprive herself. During the initial phase of her transformation we had to address these misconceptions!

What we initially measured:

We started by looking at what she was eating and establishing daily process goals that she agreed to meet. For her it meant the following:

  1. Consume the exact required amount of food for her needs in order for her to feel energetic, satisfied, and not hungry. At the same time, we wanted her to lose fat on a weekly basis. We were able to determine this by assessing her body fat percentage weekly and adjusting her nutrition plan accordingly. As long as she made weekly progress, she was able to have a normal social life during the weekends and not alienate herself from her friends.
  2. Include a source of lean protein at every meal in order to optimize the detoxification process, fat loss and recover from her workout.
  3. Make sure she was consuming fiber (vegetables) at every meal  in order to enhance the proper functioning of the digestive system. This would also help to regulate blood sugar levels, which helps maintain balanced energy levels and keeps cravings at bay.
  4. Eat an adequate daily amount of healthy fats. This optimizes hormone production, and blunts spikes in blood sugar. However, consuming too much fat will stop fat loss.

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