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Benefits of Hydration and Electrolytes

Did you know that our body is made up of 60% water?

That’s why staying hydrated is so important! Water helps to regulate our body temperature, transport nutrients, and flush out toxins. But did you also know that adding electrolytes to your water can make a huge difference in how hydrated you actually are?

Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electric charge when dissolved in water. Our cells use these electrochemical signals to communicate – telling the heart to beat, muscles to contract, and more.⁠ When we’re getting that goldilocks amount of electrolytes, that’s where the magic happens:

🌟 We can feel more energized⁠

🏃‍♂️ We can avoid exercise-related cramps and headaches⁠

🧠 We can think clearly and avoid mood swings⁠

lmnt electrolytes raw personal training hong kong

At Raw, we recommend using LMNT electrolytes to ensure you stay hydrated and perform at your best. 

LMNT is a zero-sugar electrolyte drink mix, with everything you need and nothing you don’t. The formulation consists of 1000mg Sodium, 200mg Potassium, and 60mg Magnesium – delivering a dose of electrolytes without the sugar, junky fillers, or artificial colouring found in other “sports drinks.”

What does each mineral do for optimal Hydration?

  • Sodium is important for all functions in the body – brain, muscle, nerves.
  • Potassium balance is important for heart health and plays a huge role in helping with hypertension.
  • Magnesium affects over 300+ enzymatic functions in the human body. It’s also great for relaxing the nervous system.

Electrolytes do more than keep us hydrated. They keep us alive!⁠

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