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What to Expect From Your First Personal Training Session?

Are you considering hiring a personal gym trainer? Whether you have been going to the gym or it is your first personal training session, you probably feel excited but nervous at the same time. You are worried about being subjected to intense training that you are not used to and might not keep up.

Your first personal training session will not involve strenuous exercise. Thus, take a deep breath and relax. While every trainer has different approaches, there are some everyday things to expect during your first day. This article contains detailed information about my first experience with a personal gym trainer and personal fitness training at Hybrid in Hong Kong.

To learn this and other relevant information regarding personal gym training, stick around and continue reading to the end.

Six Things to Expect During Your First Personal Training Session

Getting to understand the why

What goals do you hope to accomplish at the end of the training? Are you looking forward to improving a specific area of your body? After expressing your interest in having a personal gym trainer, they will be interested to know the reasons behind your decision. Understanding your goals will determine the best training to offer you and develop a workable program.


Now that they understand your goals, you will be required to fill out some paperwork. The following are excellent examples of forms that you might present before starting your fitness journey with any personal fitness training in Hong Kong.

Consent form: This type of form requires you to agree to the terms of training.

Medical history: This type of form is a bit detailed and regards your health status. Such information will help the trainer in providing safe workouts.

Client agreement contract: This is likely to be issued at the end of the first session requiring you to sign should you agree to progress with the training.

Fitness assessment/ body weighing

Depending on the type of personal trainer you seek, expect a fitness assessment and determination of your overall weight.

With fitness assessment, expect things like postural assessment, movement analysis, level of flexibility, and body composition. Such a review will provide the gym trainer with a clear picture of where to start with you.

Those who are used to exercising might start with a more vigorous program. If you are new, they will begin with simple and less strenuous exercise. Similarly, body weight determines your body mass.


This is where the fitness gym instructor directs you to perform certain moves. Based on how good or bad you are, they will be able to determine your abilities. Also, if it is your first time in the gym, the instructor will introduce you to various workout machines and equipment. They might even demonstrate how they work.


Based on the previous assessment stages, your trainer will work with you to develop a workable plan. This involves the amount of time you need to invest on daily or weekly and suitable days. You will also set short-term and long-term goals to help you remain focused on accomplishing them.

A poor diet may not help with endurance. Thus, you are expected to develop a healthy diet that will ensure your gym effort does not go to waste.


It is essential to remember that fitness does not happen miraculously; you need to be fully committed and consistent with your practice. As such, your trainer can assign you some activities to do before your next meeting.

Why Choose Raw Personal Training, Hong Kong?

Raw Personal Training has experts who help you engage in multiple practices as you strive towards achieving your fitness goals. For instance, you can attend a gym that practices strength training while you love bike riding, yoga, and running. Being involved in a wide variety of exercises makes the fitness process more exciting.

For personal fitness training in Hong Kong, consider Raw Personal Training Gym. With us, you achieve all-around fitness.

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