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Do you know the ABC’s of Nutrition?

The foods you eat can have an impact and your physical and mental health. Incorporating high-quality food into your diet is extremely important. They nourish our bodies with the right nutrients which enable us to lead healthier lives, dodge food-related diseases and improve our mental health.

Here are the ABC’s of Nutrition:

  • 🥩 Adequate Protein
  • 🥑 Balanced Healthy Fats
  • 🍠 Controlled Carbs
  • 🥬 Nutrient Density
  • ⚡ Energy Balance

🥩 Adequate Protein

Protein should be the largest source of your daily calories. They are the building blocks of life. Everything from your internal organs to your bones and brain are made up of MOSTLY protein.

Choose high-quality proteins (those that are of animal origin and are easier for the body to absorb) including meat, fish, poultry, eggs

🥑 Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are crucial for regulating your hormones and vitamin absorption.  They are essential to having balanced hormones, healthy skin, shiny hair and adrenal energy.

🍠 Controlled Carbs

The amount of carbs you need depends on your goals, energy and recovery. Choose complex carbs that give your body fuel and energy

🥬 Nutrient Density

Did your food run, fly, swim or grow from the ground? Aim to stay away from processed foods

⚡ Energy Balance

It is extremely difficult to out-train a poor diet. The adequate amount of calories you need to sustain and maintain healthy body composition does not need to be an aggressive deficit or surplus.

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