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Maximise Success with Our Personal Trainers at RAW

One on One Personal Trainers

Many of our clients tell us that when they have hired One on One Personal Trainer from another gym they did not achieve the goals they initially set for themselves.

This is often due to the One on One Personal Trainer not following an adequate program, individually designed to each client’s level of experience, abilities, nutritional requirements, lifestyle and genetic predispositions.

At RAW Personal Training we set out to maximise the success rate of our clientele, our One on One Personal Trainers follow a clear and structured program with each new customer so that they achieve the results they aspire to.

This process begins when our client steps into our facility for the first time for a free consultation. Our structure is based on the following steps:

A Free Consultation with Jeremy Meyer

Jeremy Meyer meets with each new client individually to answer any questions they may have about RAW’s One on One Personal Training studio in Central Hong Kong. Jeremy covers the main points about our training philosophy, beliefs and structure of Personal Training at RAW Personal Training.

Your Initial assessment

The purpose of the initial assessment is to gather information about your baseline fitness levels, exercise and health history, current lifestyle and nutritional habits. This takes 90 min and the following is tested:

Body Weight, Body mass index, body fat percentage

Blood pressure

Circumference measurements

Mobility, flexibility, structural balance, movement efficiency

Aerobic capacity

Anaerobic power

Core strength and endurance

Goal Setting

With the information collected during the initial assessment, we discuss with you and set long-term realistic and sustainable goals, short-term achievable weekly goals and daily process goals.

RAW Personal Training Gym Hong Kong - One on One Personal Trainer Advise

Designing Your Individual Training Plan

Jeremy will work with your Personal Trainer to design a customised strength training, nutrition and conditioning plan for each client according to the following criteria:

Exercise history

Current/previous injuries

Specific long term and short term goals

Genetic makeup and potential

Individual nutritional preferences and needs

Taking all these factors into consideration when designing programs will maximise your rate of fat loss and minimise the amount of time it takes to achieve your individual goals.

Provide Daily Support and Creating Accountability

We measure our clients Body Weight, Body mass index, body fat percentage on a weekly basis in order to provide regular progress reports. Programs can be adjusted according to your rate of progress.

Our trainers are in contact with you daily via text messaging or email. Daily “check-in” will help keep you focused, create accountability, build rapport and trust between you and your Personal Trainer.

Our goal is to create a supportive, positive and professional relationship with everyone who works with our One on One Personal Trainers at RAW Personal Training, Central Hong Kong.

“At RAW Personal Training, we make sure our clients get a return on their investment on a weekly basis for the energy and time they are putting in towards training.”

One on One Personal Trainers at RAW will teach you how to exercise correctly, provide advice regarding nutrition and lifestyle as this plays an essential role in the overall picture. They offer guidance regarding the most effective exercises to perform in order for you to reach your specific fitness goals.

Experienced trainers use their knowledge and experience to eliminate the risk of sustaining injuries during sessions as any injury will stop progress in its tracks.

All these reasons collectively make RAW the preferred destination for people wanting to make real change in their health with One on One Personal Training.

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